Monday, 20 November 2017

Birthday's of missing children

Some children missed out on getting their photo taken for the blog because they were away or it was a weekend or holidays - so here some of the children who missed out, standing or kneeling, having their moment of glory.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Week 6

Swimming we have swimming this week-please bring your togs.


Best of Luck to all our performers for Friday Night.
We are certain all your practice will pay off and you will all shine!

Athletics Inter-School is Tuesday-Good Luck to Tilde and Zach for this!! Also to all the St Mary’s team who go to represent our school.
Again we know you will do well-we will be thinking of you all.

Coaches Thank You...To all our wonderful coaches-a massive THANK YOU!!

Our coaches thank you is Thursday night at school. Please do come so our wonderful sports co-ordinator and amazing Principal can thank you all in person!!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Mornings and other things

Hello Caregivers,

Today Ruma Weta students have been told that..

For the remainder of this term..'students will not be allowed in the classroom before 8:30am'.

As a school this has been the preferred practice, however it has been up to teachers to allow students in before school if they choose.

Unfortunately some students are not treating the time in class before school respectfully (bey blades inside, running in the classroom) so we have decided to cease this as an option.

Ruma Weta are expected to be in class and seated for prayer at 8:45am.

Please remind your child about this.

Further more if you have a query, question or comment about how and why we do what we do in Ruma Weta please do come and ask us about it. That way teachers can respond effectively from a Teacher's perspective.

Education and how it is delivered is in a great state of change. Teachers who embrace it (rather than bury their head in the sand)  are the ones who do care about student learning and best practice for student success. I have been teaching for almost 2 have seen a lot of change in that time. Modern learning environments are the choice at this time and endorsed by government.

Ruma Weta have a high success rate for academic achievement as seen in our overall results.
No teacher can deliver ultimate success rates for all students as we are all individuals, but as teachers we deliver the best we can in the time we have with the resources we are given.

Also if you have an incident that affects the teacher and you want them to address let us know. Information is not always passed on if there is an issue, which means we cannot address what we don't know about.

I hope this clarifies some things.


Bernie Hall

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Week 5

What a fantastic week of events!

Athletics day went really well and then Grandparents day on Friday was superb.

Thanks you for coming , helping and suporting these major school events.

We hope you enjoyed them.
 I was especially proud of the singing and the behaviour in mass on Friday. Also the way Ruma Weta showed their visitors around. 

The talent show was awesome and the photo booth was a hit. 

Check out the photos below!

This week:

Mufti Day Friday..come dressed as your favourite book character! Gold coin donation please.

Food bank appeal for Christmas. Our young Vinnies are collecting cans of food for the food bank. Children will receive house points for bringing in the cans. 

Can all Pasifika Group children please go to the hall after lunch on Monday for a special practice.

The Ahurei kapa haka event has been transferred from the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre to the Harvest Centre (on Malfroy Rd near the Netball Courts) on Friday the 24th of November at 7.30 pm. Tickets have gone on sale.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Grandparents Day This Friday

Grandparents Friends Day This Friday! All Welcome!

10th November: Grandparents/Friends Day
  • 9:00 Mass
Class numbers on seats for where to sit, ushers to direct your class.
New students welcomed at end of Mass and Room 9 to come forward as a group.
School to sing as they come up and receive beads, then a blessing.
  • 10:00 Back to classes to show visitors around and shared morning tea in classes. Classes to provide.
  • 10:30 Performing groups to get dressed
  • 10:30 Cuppa provided by PTA-Hall if wet or outside hall if not.
  • 11:00 Mini concert begins (5-10 mins per group)
Outside on stage if fine, otherwise in the hall.
  • 12:30 Visitors free to roam or go home.
  • This year for something different we would like to add a ‘photo booth’ opportunity. Students with visitors to have their family photo taken with a cool backdrop to remember Grandparents /Friends Day 2017!
Order-so kids in 2 groups have time to change.

Gymnastics Club
Pasifika Group
Lyp Sync
Filipino Group
Kapa Haka Middles/Seniors
Kapa Haka Juniors

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Week 4

Grandparents Day this Friday. Mass at 9:00 followed by classroom visits and a shared morning tea in classrooms. Our concert will begin at 11:00am outside on the field if fine otherwise in the hall. If you are able to help with the set up on the field of picnic tables before school or before 10:00 that would be wonderful!!
All most welcome.

Ruma Weta will perform their Lyp Sync again for grandparents day so can students please bring their clothes they wore to the assembly.

Swimming for Ruma Weta this week.

Athletics Day Thursday 9th November, weather permitting - any adults able to help on the day would be appreciated. All students to be in PE gear or house colours and arrive at the stadium by 8:45 am. Please see the notice that went home last week for more detailed information or check the newsletter.

Thanks to those parents who turned up for the student led conferences last week. It was great to see so many children able to talk about their learning with parents.

Mrs Pinfold had her morning tea with her PPP children last week. We need to acknowledge the awesome progress the children made. Thanks to Mrs Pinfold and her reading tutor helpers for their work with our children.

Mr Bach will be taking 10 Ruma Weta children to the Hands on Water Expo on Wednesday at Rainbow Farm Paengaroa. I nearly have all of the permission forms back from those children attending.

Have a great week!

Mrs Hall

Friday, 3 November 2017

All Saints /Souls Day Liturgy

Once again Ruma Weta hosted a delightful Liturgy. Well done kids..all involved.